20. November 2017

London’s riverside festivities: de-stress and spend a day sans-kids by celebrating Christmas along the Thames

London has an endless list of entertainments to offer children, but everyone needs a day away from the kids to relax and indulge in romantic tour of the city’s most spectacular sights. Cashmere gloves work well for holding hands, so wrap up warm and head out for perfect day in London with your partner.


Ice Skating with a twist at the Tower of London

Tower of London


Hands down London’s most dramatic rink, the Tower of London provides a truly unique skating experience. Step out onto the ice where you’ll be watched over by Beefeaters in imposing uniforms, and keep your eyes peeled for the ghosts of historical figures who were locked in the Tower hundreds of years ago. Tickets buy you 45 minutes of skating. Soak in the exceptional views of the river, and then venture inside the Tower to discover the crown jewels and royal armoury?

Fascinating as it is, the Tower of London isn’t known for being the cosiest venue. Before too long it’ll be time for some food and drinks, so journey to the Coppa Club at Tower Bridge for lunch. 

Coppa Club

Breeze into a fully furnished igloo on the enormous terrace and enjoy your meal almost al fresco in front of the extraordinary views. The beautifully designed pods are kitted out with blankets, speakers and very effective heaters, and the menu features a delectable range of European classics with the odd side of Sriracha mayo. Pizza, pasta, steak and a selection of small plates are up for grabs, and there’s a button in the igloos with which you can summon waiters.

Once you’ve eaten to your heart’s content, jump to your feet again and head off to explore the wonderful Southbank Centre Winter Festival.

SouthBank Centre

You’ll have uninterrupted views up and down the Thames once more, so take your time perusing the Southbank Centre’s varied and colourful programme. Between lunchtime performances from folk duo Ninebarrow and Vintage New Year’s Parties, the festival will provide something thrilling for everyone. Pick up a few mulled wines at the Southbank winter market just outside, and then cross the river and wander over to St Paul’s to admire the cathedral in the afternoon light.


You’ll have been pounding the pavement in search of the sights for hours by now, so place your evening relaxation in the trusty hands of the Backyard Cinema team, and head to their Snowyard Kingdom experience.

Backyard Cinema: Snow Kingdom

This year, they’re bringing a winter ‘Snow Kingdom’ to Elephant and Castle for Christmas. The programming will leave you with plenty of choice: everything from Titanic to Pretty Woman is there to be enjoyed. Wrap yourself in cashmere shawls, pick up a hot cocktail from the bar and venture into the labyrinth of icy caves, frozen lakes and magical castles.

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London’s riverside festivities